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7 Top infection control products you should always have on hand

With the fears and concerns surrounding the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for infection control products is higher than ever before. With so many products out there, it can be difficult to differentiate which are essential to have on hand, especially during these uncertain times.

Top infection control products you should always have:

#1. Leisure mask – Light grey melange

Face mask

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There are many different types of masks available for purchase, primarily thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. This 3-layer neoprene leisure mask is one of the more elegant, premium masks available for use. It is also reusable, meaning it’s a great choice considering price and value.

The covering comes in two primary colours: blue and grey melange and is made up of two key materials: elastane (5%) and polyethylene (95%). As a reusable mask, it needs to be washed after every use (daily) and is washable at 60 degrees. The sleek design and custom fittings of the mask will ensure that you receive maximum protection when you are wearing your mask in public.

face mask for covid

It’s stylish, seamless and practical, so glass-wearers won’t have to worry about foggy lenses anymore!

#2. Fever Thermometer

Fever Thermometer

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Avoiding infection has never been so easy with the new fever thermometer. The thermometer cleverly utilises infrared technology to detect forehead temperature, eliminating the need to come into close contact with the person being tested. A non-contact device such as this is essential for reducing the spread of illness and ensuring that everyone can be safely and efficiently tested for any signs of fever.

#3. Steri Gel Hand Sanitizer Alcohol

Hand Sanitizer

During a pandemic, it is vital to have hand sanitizer on your person at all times. Hand sanitizer should be used after touching things in public and after using the bathroom. Steri Gel Hand Sanitizer conforms to the UK standards of BS EN1276 and EN1500, and is a 70% alcohol as recommended by the WHO. Specifically designed to eradicate infectious diseases, it also dries quickly on the skin. Furthermore, it is the provider for the NHS and frontline services. Can’t get more credible than that.

#4. Selden Selgiene Extreme Disinfectant

Selden Selgiene Extreme

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A disinfectant is very important when trying to battle infectious diseases. People use different items and touch things every day. It is vital that objects that are commonly touched (gym equipment, public transport equipment etc.) are disinfected regularly. Selden Selgiene Extreme conforms to all UK health and safety standards, and is bleach free, aluminium and stainless steel safe.

#5. Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispensers have become common in most public gathering areas such as gyms and shopping centres. These are essential to encourage people to regularly sanitize when entering and leaving the areas, as well as providing them with sanitizer. The Hand Cleaners UK dispenser holds 1 litre of sanitizer, and is a non-touch machine, meaning that it activates automatically upon proximity. The machine is all white and versatile, meaning it won’t stand out.

#6. Dettol Hand Wash Revitalise

Dettol Hand Wash Revitalise

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Hand wash is essential for any bathrooms. After bathroom use, or before touching food, it is important for people to use hand wash and have it available for use. Dettol is a widely known brand, and their Hand Wash Revitalise kills 99.9% of bacteria, as well as keeping your skin smelling good and moisturised. Simple to use, simply wash for 30 seconds and then rinse.

#7. 3 Ply Face Mask FFP2 Type 2

Ply Face Mask FFP2 Type 2

A face mask is crucial when out and about in public. Being around crowds of people means droplets of water and bacteria can spread easily, especially through the mouth and nose. A mask also allows you to protect others from yourself if you are sick, and stops you from touching your face.

The APTcommercial 3 Ply Face Mask offers protection from fine particles in the air in accordance to EN 14683. It blocks water droplets from entering, isolates harmful particles in the air with a melting spray layer and has an integrated nose clip. The Face Mask also protects against COVID-19. A must have during this pandemic.

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