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Self Publishing in the UK- Is MindStir Media the Company for You? [2022 Review]

Despite being an American-based company, MindStir Media has proven its ability to succeed in many places around the world. The UK is no exception and has quickly become one of the key places that MindStir Media operates. The hybrid publishing company has a number of notable authors that use their services and continues to add a range of blossoming literary geniuses to its client list. The comprehensive services provide opportunities that are unmatched and place them as a top self publishing company to consider in the UK and around the world.

Founded by award winning best seller J.J. Hebert, MindStir Media is known for utilizing the knowledge built from years of experience in the industry to help authors make an impact in the market. Their understanding of the UK market and what is needed to succeed ensures that signing with them guarantees the success of your book.

Carefully planned marketing campaigns on major UK news publications and on social media are some of the key ways in which MindStir Media helps you get your book recognized. Other important services include custom book design, editing, printing, distribution, ghostwriting, endorsement, mentorship, and more, depending on the package that you select. In taking care of these complicated aspects of publishing, authors are given more freedom to sit back and enjoy the success of all their hard work. The self publishing aspect ensures that the company does not take full control of the book, however, as this could risk them taking the vision somewhere that an author does not agree with. With MindStir Media, authors retain their creative control and can even earn up to 100% of the royalties from the sales that their book makes.

Creative freedom combined with comprehensive promotion and distribution is an irresistible offer for UK authors. MindStir Media can partner with the top UK book retailers, such as Blackwell’s, to ensure that your work is available to buy for the countless people who are sure to be searching for it. Endorsements from notable figures are also a great offer for further increasing the reach of your book.

Visibility is everything in the literature world. With MindStir Media, your book will make an impact in the UK market and may even get you onto best seller lists. The expertise of this self publishing team are some of the best in the world and are ideal for UK authors.

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