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Everything You Need To Know About London Gold Centre

London Gold Centre is a renowned metal buyer based in London. Cash for gold companies have always been popular, as the value of metals are consistent throughout the years. People have been buying and selling valuable metals for centuries, as many understand their value. However, the value of these metals fluctuates according to demand, and as such, there is a market for making a profit based on these metals.

For example, you can buy gold, hold onto it for some time and when its value increases significantly, you can sell it for a profit.

About London Gold Centre

London Gold Centre is a premium metal buyer who has bought and sold metals for a significant amount of years now and are highly experienced in this industry.

As professionals, London Gold Centre will carefully inspect and test your metals using the latest technology to determine its authenticity and its value subsequently, and from this point on they will offer a price to buy it. When you are looking to sell your metals, you must go through a process that they follow. First of all, your gold is posted to them. Once received, your gold is weighed and tested.

Once the value has been verified, the offer is sent to you. If accepted, the gold is posted using a special recorded delivery, or you can visit them directly at their store. The cash is transferred to you immediately on the same day the gold is received or can be given in physical cash if their store is visited.

There are a number of different types of Jewellery items which can be sold to London Gold Centre.

Scrap gold

Scrap gold is one of the most common forms of metals sold to London Gold Centre. The main criteria for scrap gold is the weight and purity. The weight must be verified with London Gold Centre, and then the purity of the scrap gold must be tested. The gold can be classified as 9K, 14K, 18K, 22K or even 24K. The higher the karat, the more gold content that the metal contains.

Gold coins and gold bars

Gold coins are either entirely made up of 24K gold or some are made up of 90% gold. Gold coins are special in the sense that each one has a unique history, origin and heritage. For this reason, they are popular amongst the modern market not only for their value but for their history.

Gold bars are considered the most valuable of all due to their gold content. There are many weights and brands of gold bars, but the value of the gold bar will be calculated through the total weight times by the scrap gold price for 24K gold.

Each of these are the different categories that gold can be placed into and are the most popular forms of gold being sold. London Gold Centre has experts in gold which can help to identify the type of gold, the weight and the purity of the gold. However, while gold has been mentioned a lot throughout this article, London Gold Centre also buys other forms of valuable metals.

Valuable metals such as silver, platinum, gemstones and diamonds are all buyable and have great value in their contents. Moreover, pearls can also be sold, as well as various forms of Jewellery which have valuable metals instilled into them. This makes it easy to be able to find Jewellery you do not need around the house, then sell them without having to worry about retrieving the valuable metals first. With their service of free testing, you can ensure that your products are real as well before you receive an offer.

There are no hidden charges within London Gold Centre, unlike many other valuable metal buying companies, and by following the process, what you see is what you get.

Competitive pricing is crucial to London Gold Centre to keep customers loyal, and you will receive quotes that are competitive on the market while still having a high quality of service from London Gold Centre.

If you have valuable metals lying around and want to make some quick money, then London Gold Centre is undoubtedly the best way to go.

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