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5 Best Occupational Therapists in Glasgow

Below is a list of the top and leading Occupational Therapists in Glasgow. To help you find the best Occupational Therapists located near you in Glasgow, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Glasgow’s Best Occupational Therapists:

The top rated Occupational Therapists in Glasgow are:

  • OT Glasgow – offers either face to face or remote assessments
  • The OT Practice Glasgow – an independent occupational therapy company specialising in providing high-quality therapists nationwide to the private, statutory and business sectors
  • Blythswood Health & Wellbeing – offers a wide range of medicals and services which can be tailor-made to meet your requirements
  • Novo Therapy & Care – recognised as clinical care experts
  • SP Physiotherapy – is an HCPC registered clinic

OT Glasgow

OT GlasgowOT Glasgow is the independent practice of Kate McGoldrick, a reputable occupational therapist that has been providing assisting both NHS and private patients. She offers both face to face and remote assessment and extends professional help on a wide variety of concerns including functional assessment, rehabilitation. professional reports and medico-legal reports. Whether you are an individual, case manager, solicitor or employer that is seeking assistance, she can apply a personalised solution the is befitting the issues and circumstances that you have.

Whether it’s a physical disability due to accident, injury or illness, cognitive impairment or brain injury, she will offer her full support and care. She will help create the best plan that will help facilitate your recovery and ensure complete management on your part that will further support your independence. She will help empower you as well in handling different activities and tasks so do not hesitate in getting her expert help and support and break the limit that is restricting your abilities and movement.


Individuals, Case Managers, Solicitors, Employers


Address: Glasgow, UK
Phone: 141 266 0156
Website: www.otglasgow.co.uk


“Kate is professional and the clients all speak highly of her. She sets out clear goals and keeps us up-to-date with client progress. We will continue to use Occupational Therapy Glasgow and would be happy to recommend.” – Case Manager

The OT Practice Glasgow

Source: PexelsThe OT Practice Glasgow is an independent occupational therapy clinic that offers outstanding therapy services to both private and business clients. They help deal with several conditions such as brain injury, amputations, Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, autism, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression, heart attack, learning difficulties and orthopaedics to name a few. They offer different programmes to manage their conditions and empower them to overcome the difficulties that they are facing and create the best solutions to work around the issue that they have.

Some of the services that they offer include functional rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, hand therapy, seating and postural management and vocational rehabilitation. They also extend assistance in modifying their homes for greater access and mobility following the condition that they have and to be able to work independently. Check their services now and get the best help from the expert and personable clinicians in the field.


Functional Rehabilitation, Paediatrics, Neurological Rehabilitation, Housing & Equipment, Hand Therapy, Vocational Rehabilitation, Seating & Postural Management, Moving & Handling


Address: Glasgow, UK
Phone: 330 024 9910
Website: www.theotpractice.co.uk


“I enquired about OT for a family member and found the OT Practice to be professional, informative, helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you.” – Lucy Engin

Blythswood Health & Wellbeing

Source: PexelsBlythswood Health & Wellbeing offers a wide range of occupational health services to all individuals that are seeking care and management for the different issues and problems that they have. They aim to deliver quality support that will promote complete health and wellbeing to all their patients. Housing a team of professional clinicians from various fields, they aim to deliver bespoke services that will help all their clients manage the conditions that they are facing and get the best treatment and therapy.

Offering specialised help to all employers, they seek to reduce stress in their office that may be detrimental to the health of all their employees and post as a risk that will affect their productivity and increase their absences. By providing the best care that is adapted to your specific requirements, they help ensure the fitness and good health of all your staff that is highly beneficial for your company. Seek their help now and discuss the concerns that you have and let them provide the necessary assessment and treatment that will guarantee the optimum wellness of your staff and your whole company.


Occupational Health, Offshore Medicals, RUK Medicals, Psychology Services


Address: 1 Blythswood Square, Glasgow G2 4AD
Phone: 141 404 8348
Website: www.bhwglasgow.com


“Very professional and friendly service, thoroughly recommended.” – Steven Beattie

Novo Therapy & Care

Novo Therapy & CareNovo Therapy & Care has been delivering quality care for 15 years now to all individuals that are in need of professional help and assistance from various clinicians and healthcare professionals that are involved in occupational healthcare. Offering their full commitment, they will help all individuals manage the different health issues that they are facing that are limiting their functions and movements. They provide a comprehensive diagnosis to provide analyse and evaluate the root cause of your issue and all its underlying problems in order to provide the best intervention that will help manage your condition and properly equipped you for independent living.

With the best occupational therapists under their team, they help support both adults and children suffering from different trauma, injury, mental health issues, sensory impairments, neurological conditions, learning disabilities and many others. They will provide professional help and thorough support not only to their patient but also extending it to their family and guardian. The best place to get the necessary therapy that you need, contact them now to discuss the issue that you have and get lasting relief that only they can provide for your utmost satisfaction.


Assessments, Case Management, Training & Audits, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Living Adaptations, PIP & ESA Appeals


Address: 6, Blair Court, Business Park, North Ave, Clydebank G81 2LA
Phone: 141 488 6630
Website: www.novotc.co.uk


“Rated 5 stars.” – Ashton Courtney

SP Physiotherapy

SP PhysiotherapySP Physiotherapy is a reputable physiotherapy clinic that houses highly skilled and well-experienced clinicians and physiotherapists that offers hands-on treatment to ensure long-lasting relief from body pains and to start quick and flawless healing of any of your injuries. They understand that every condition is different for each patient which is why they provide the most convenient treatment and therapy that is customised to their needs and requirements. Client-centred, they endeavour to provide quality care that will guarantee the complete satisfaction of all their patients.

Starting their consultation with thorough tests and diagnosis, they check the extent of your condition to be able to apply the most appropriate treatment that will help their body heal and recover quickly. Using state of the art equipment, they ensure to remove all the pain and aches that you are feeling for you to be able to go back to your normal activities without any worries. Book an appointment with them now and start your healing for better wellness and to achieve the optimum wellbeing of your mind and body.


Neurological Rehabilitation, Post-Operative Rehabilitation, Elderly Rehabilitation


Address: 25 Glasgow Rd, Paisley PA1 3QY
Phone: 141 266 0230
Website: www.spphysiotherapy.co.uk


“Couldn’t recommend more highly. I was able to get a next-day appointment I had an in-depth consultation with Stephanie, during which we went into detail about the history of the injury and she spent time explaining what was going on very clearly and answering all my questions. This even included some ultrasound and electrical stimulation therapy and I came away with a specific exercise plan, plus some sports tape. She was patient and clear and I left feeling confident about what had caused my hip pain and how to make it better.” – Kathleen Bryce

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