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5 Best Pottery Shops in Leeds

Below is a list of the top and leading Pottery Shops in Leeds. To help you find the best Pottery Shops located near you in Leeds, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Leeds’ Best Pottery Shops:

The top rated Pottery Shops in Leeds are:

  • Sunken Studio – a coworking ceramics centre and pottery school in Leeds
  • Rachel Byass Ceramics – open on by appointment only
  • Jackrabbits Pottery – Leeds’ favourite ‘paint your own pottery studio
  • Honey Pottery – no studio fees required
  • Firefly Pottery – offers a great range of pottery services that are both adult and child-friendly services

Sunken Studio

Sunken StudioSunken Studio is a ceramics and pottery school that is dedicated to nurturing the talents and skills of different individuals in the community who are keen on making different creative works through the art of pottery. Offering a flexible and safe space where you can hone and perfect your talent, their team consisted of expert potters and ceramists would surely teach you the rope and give you a rewarding and fulfilling experience that you would most certainly enjoy. They offer point face to face and e-courses so hurry and check all the training courses that they have.

Apart from the different workshops and courses that they offer, you can also buy different handmade pottery from their shop. They have mugs of varying colours and sizes as well as bowls so hurry and check their website or contact them on the phone for your further enquiries. Delivering services in a professional, fun and exciting way, tap their services now and learn more about the art of pottery from the experts in the field.


Learn, Shop


Address: Unit 3, Sovereign House, Butterley St, Leeds LS10 1AW
Phone: 773 907 9438


“I have bought two pouring bowls from the studio. They look beautiful and are very useful.” – Sara MacDonagh

Rachel Byass Ceramics

Rachel Byass CeramicsRachel Byass Ceramics was established in 1983 and named after its owner and founder Rachel Byass. Highly trained and well established in both ceramics, pottery and decorative art, she is committed to sharing her knowledge and skills with all students that are interested in the art of pottery. With a comfortable and all-inclusive studio that can accommodate all students of varying ages, genders and abilities, she offers support and guidance to help all her students create the most fantastic art using clay and pottery wheel.

She organises training and workshops either as a hobby, art or as a foundation for a pottery business that her students are planning to create. She can also accommodate parties and events both for adults and children and can also accommodate bespoke commissions and baby hand and footprints for souvenirs. Available on by-appointment-only, her shop is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 10 AM to 5 PM so hurry and book a pottery session with her now.


Ceramics, Pottery, Gifts


Address: 17 Mill Hill Ln, Pontefract WF8 4JA
Phone: 797 079 3727


“Fabulous family experience. Rachel was highly skilled and patient in teaching us all the basics of throwing and turning a pot/bowl. Highly recommend if you like to try a new experience with family or friends.” – Rebecca Nichells

Jackrabbits Pottery

Jackrabbits PotteryJackrabbits Pottery is a pottery cafe in Leeds that was established in 2014 and offers paint your own pottery session. The perfect pasttime either by yourself, your family, friends or loved ones, you would certainly enjoy painting different pottery items that they have and release your artistic side. They are open to accommodate parties and events for both children and adults and can do children’s parties, tots and pots, late nights, weekend parties, private evening parties and corporate or team buildings.

Offering one of a kind adventure, you will certainly enjoy each session that they offer and you will be assured of some peace, quiet and relaxation that you will not find elsewhere. They also offer different items in their shop that can work as perfect gifts and keepsakes like hand and footprints, cats hands and footprints and silver jewellery prints so hurry and check their shop now. They are open from 10 AM to 5 PM from Mondays to Fridays and Sunday and from 10 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays so hurry and plan your visit now.


Parties and Events, Gifts and Keepsakes


Address: 633A Roundhay Road, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 4BA
Phone: 113 318 9315


“A lovely, relaxed atmosphere with a wide selection of things to paint at reasonable prices.” – Peter Hughes

Honey Pottery

Honey PotteryHoney Pottery is a pottery cafe that offers a relaxing, fun and vibrant ambience where you can enjoy painting ceramic pots as your medium. The perfect avenue where you can express yourself through art while at the same time hone your talent, this is certainly one of the best places to visit when you want to experience painting pots. To add a little fun, they also make it a social activity where you can bring your whole family, friends and loved ones.

Adult and children-friendly, they can host different parties and events that will fit your needs and requirements like children’s parties, grown-up parties, hen parties, baby showers and private parties. Available daily from 10 AM to 5 PM, book an appointment with them now and bring out the artists in you while having a wonderful time with the company of good people. Reach out to them now for any enquiries or to make necessary arrangements and let them accommodate you the best way they can for your ultimate satisfaction.


Parties, Events


Address: 131 New Rd Side, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 4QD
Phone: 113 345 1211


“Love this place and Amber, the owner is so accommodating and cheery. Would definitely recommend a visit.” – Lesley Ford

Firefly Pottery

Firefly PotteryFirefly Pottery offers full and comprehensive pottery sessions from hand-building, pottery wheel up to pottery painting, they can certainly accommodate you and teach you further the wonderful art of pottery. They offer different workshops and courses to teach you the basics of pottery and further hone your talent and skills. Apart from the regular classes that they have, they also incorporate pottery sessions at different parties and events to make it more fun and enjoyable.

With a team of expert and personable artists, they guarantee that you will learn all things that you need to learn and give you a fantastic time either alone or with your loved ones. Contact them now to enquire about a specific class that you want to take and check the schedule that they have that will fit well your busy lifestyle. Taking pottery art into a whole new level, visit this store and check the different products and services that they offer for your optimum delight.


Clay Experience Course, Pottery Wheel Tutored Sessions, Pottery Wheel Practice Sessions!
Clay Hand Building Sessions, Pottery Painting, Parties, Prints, Gift Vouchers


Address: 116 Town St, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 4AH
Phone: 113 345 0405


“A wonderful experience today making my pot. Vicki also let my granddaughter have a turn.” – June Fox

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