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5 Best Public Relations Agencies in Birmingham

Below is a list of the top and leading Public Relations Agencies in Birmingham. To help you find the best Public Relations Agencies located near you in Birmingham, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Birmingham’s Best Public Relations Agencies:

The top rated Public Relations Agencies in Birmingham are:

  • Delicious PR Agency – take control of projects from the creative inception to final result
  • Liquid PR Agency – has offices in Birmingham, Guernsey, Jersey and London
  • WPR Agency – has a team of more than 50 with a blend of expertise, from PR to social media and search
  • Reeves Public Relations – trusted by many businesses to deliver their message online, in print and on air
  • Make More Noise – creates proactive PR strategies that deliver tangible results

Delicious PR Agency

Delicious PR AgencyDelicious PR Agency is an independent PR company that was established in 2017 by Anita Champaneri, a former journalist. With her acquired experience in the industry and her rich background in television production, she and her team of experts were able to create the best and most creative PR campaign that is fitting the brand and requirements of their clients. Specialising in food and lifestyle PR, they have created a successful niche for themselves and is highly reputed for the different PR plans and releases that not only are empowering their clients but ensuring optimum reach to the target audience that they have and create a worthwhile engagement that would further attract people towards their client’s company and brand.

Offering a comprehensive plan that is personalised to the brand of their clients, they guarantee to maximise all available resources and ensure that the strategy that they will be creating will leave a positive impact and further boost the image of the company. Apart from creating engagements, they also work in protecting your image and work in making your brand relatable. Contact them now and schedule an appointment with their specialists and discuss the best practice that they can do for your company.


PR, Content, Marketing Strategies, Social Media, Events


Address: Gatsby Court, 168 Holliday St, Birmingham B1 1TJ
Phone: 121 643 6985


“Anita’s skills at getting brand awareness for her clients is excellent. We have probably been to every one of her launches in the last several years and find them to work like well-oiled machines; they attract all the right crowds making it particularly fun for the attendees and very productive, I am sure, for the clients. The Delicious PR team has always done a great job for us, even working on areas outside their remit to ensure that the overall project is well rounded with all bases covered. I have no hesitation in recommending the Delicious PR team.” – Alok Mathur

Liquid PR Agency

Liquid PR AgencyLiquid PR Agency offers full and comprehensive PR services that include design, PR and marketing consultancy to all their clients all across the UK. They have offices in Birmingham, Guernsey, Jersey and London for wider reach and ensure to work with your specifications and requirements to further boost your company and elevate your brand. They understand that PR is extensive communication work that is filled with creative ingenious meant to catch the attention of your target audiences that is why they incorporate all necessary elements in making your campaign and PR plan stand out.

From content creation, art direction, film and animation, literature, advertising, campaign development, environmental design, packaging and document templates, they are highly skilled to present your campaign and PR using both traditional and non-traditional services. A reliable company, they will help you achieve your goals, help you deal with hard situations and salvage your company’s reputation. Whether you are seeking assistance for crisis communications, reputation management, media relations, CSR, internal communications, media training or event planning, they are certainly the best company to tap that will deliver the excellent result that you have been aiming for.


Public Relations, Design and Branding Strategic Thinking, Digital and Social, Crisis Management, Food Team, Property Team


Address: New Oxford House, 16 Waterloo St, Birmingham B2 5UG
Phone: 121 285 3760


“Our favourite PR agency! An incredible workforce of creative and innovative thinkers who are a genuine pleasure to do business with. These guys are seriously good at what they do and make you feel like you’re part of the team.” – Sam Johnson

WPR Agency

WPR AgencyWPR Agency is an award-winning PR consultancy group that was established in 1992 and is highly reputed to deliver the results that you are aiming for and more. With the best visions and talents that can help you with your goals, they provide assistance to all clients that are in need of good PR assistance. They help both consumer and B2B clients that are connected with industries such as food, leisure, retails, building supplies and construction, engineering and manufacturing, food services and HVAC company.

Well-versed with both traditional and digital platforms, they help your company and brand get wider recognition and be a force to reckon on the industry where they are created. They will help create the best plan that will further engage and influence all your target audiences towards your brand. Helping your business grow further, tap their services now and a fully integrated and comprehensive campaign that will resonate strongly and will help boost the image of your company to garner more sales on the products and services that you have.


PR, Digital PR, Social, Paid Media, Search, Proofreading


Address: 39-40 Calthorpe Rd, Birmingham B15 1TS
Phone: 121 456 3004


“I’ve worked with WPR for a couple of years now on different PR campaigns. It’s a great agency full of personable, talented people with a positive attitude. They are very adaptable to different situations and the different ways clients operate. Communication was great and nothing was too much trouble. I would highly recommend.” – Anastasia Nikolic

Reeves Public Relations

Source: PexelsReeves Public Relations is a premier consultancy company that helps all businesses deliver their message to their target audiences. With their professional and efficient help and assistance, they would help all their clients to maximise their visibility and presence and increase the engagement that they have. Highly creative, they will help you create engaging ideas and plans that would really set you apart from other brands and companies.

They provide different PR strategies and create a solid framework for all your visions and goals. With their wealth of experience, they ensure that all PR and marketing plans would fit your branding and achieve the best result the soonest possible time using different channels and avenues including print, air and digital. Contact them now to discuss your vision and let them help you achieve greatness by putting it into works and helps you achieve success for yourself and your company and solidify the name of your brand and further increase awareness and patronage to it.


Public Relations, Brand Adaptation, Social Media, Video Production, Crisis Communication, Community Management, Creative Strategy, Content Marketing


Address: 126 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 3AP
Phone: 121 227 8227


“Great, friendly place to work, offering top quality services to clients. Staff are supported to grow skills and lead on client relationships. Active in the heart of the city centre and Birmingham business community.” – Emilius Tenys

Make More Noise

Make More NoiseMake More Noise uses the combination of media relations, digital communications and content creation to help amplify your brand’s reputation, create positive awareness towards it and increase further its engagement that can be later on translated to sales. With a team of expert, professional and committed PR specialists and practitioners, they have provided support to a wide variety of companies coming from different sectors of the industry. Highly creative and artistic, they are always open to take on any challenges and difficulties and turn them around into a productive and positive result in favour of their clients and the companies they have.

They bravely create different PR strategies and adopt one that would fit perfectly their client’s goals and objectives. Consistently providing fresh ideas that would create further engagement and reach a far greater audience to promote their products, services and the very core values of their companies. Assisting different individuals and sectors of the industry, they extend their services and ensure to help the company grow and flourish.


Strategy, Media Relations, Personal Profiling, Crisis Management, Content


Address: Somerset House, 37 Temple St, Birmingham B2 5DP
Phone: 121 594 0712


“Great people to work and collaborate with. They go above and beyond.” – Gayle Carpenter

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