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Ubisoft launches a subscription service and a game inspired by Brexit


Ubisoft launches a subscription service and a game inspired by Brexit

The French video game giant Ubisoft unveiled Monday a subscription service and a game that takes place in a post-Brexit London threatened by the dictatorship and extremists.

With its Uplay + service, available from September 3 for US $ 15 a month, video game enthusiasts will be able to access the Ubisoft catalog from a PC and download their favorite games, Brenda Panagrossi, a spokesman for the French press, told Kev’s Best UK on Monday.

The group joins the many other heavyweights in the sector who are embarking on the subscription, such as Microsoft.

Uplay + must also be available from 2020 via Google’s streaming platform, Stadia, which allows you to play directly online from any device connected to the Internet.

“The video game industry is constantly evolving , and the needs of our players are changing,” said Panagrossi.

A new game in a futuristic London

Ubisoft also unveiled new titles on Monday, including the latest in the Watch Dogs series , in which players assume the role of a hero who can hack people and systems.

Watch Dogs Legion, slated for release in March 2020, is set in a futuristic London where automation and artificial intelligence destroy the economy and cryptocurrencies have replaced the pound sterling.

Organized crime and extremist groups control the government in a city constantly monitored by drones.

We wanted to create a game that would echo the world we live in […]. Your mission is to build resistance against the emergence of a totalitarian regime.

Alexandre Parizeau, Ubisoft Studio in Toronto

Creative Director Clint Hocking has described the game’s universe as a post-Brexit UK that has come to a political turning point and where citizens are called to fight extremism and liberate London and the world from tyranny.

“History has already shown that what is happening in London is a good indication of our future,” he added.

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