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5 Best Weight Loss Centres in Birmingham

Below is a list of the top and leading Weight Loss Centres in Birmingham. To help you find the best Weight Loss Centres located near you in Birmingham, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Birmingham’s Best Weight Loss Centres:

The top rated Weight Loss Centres in Birmingham are:

  • Healthier Weight – works with the best weight loss professionals in the country
  • Slimming World – offers weight loss without dieting
  • The 1:1 Diet – independent Cambridge consultants and mindset coach
  • LA Lipo – offers fat freezing treatment
  • Wolverhampton Weight Loss Centre – offers free consultation

Healthier Weight

Source: PexelsHealthier Weight is a highly reputed weight loss provider that has been offering safe weight loss procedures that will fit your current circumstances and requirements. With clinic all across the country, you will have no problem tapping the expertise of their surgeons to guide you in the most effective treatment that you can avail and will be most suitable for you health condition and body mass. Some of the treatments that they offer include gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and ESG so hurry and check these different procedures with them now.

Operating in the best hospitals in the UK, you can ensure world-class facilities that will make your treatment seamless and efficient. If you want to check further on the quality of work that they can deliver, do visit their website and see for yourself the many success stories that they have. Dedicated to ensuring happy, confident and healthy patients, get now their services and start your journey to optimum fitness and wellness.


Gastric Band, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, ESG


Address: 11 Highfield Rd, Birmingham B15 3DU
Phone: 121 693 4488


“The gastric bypass has transformed my life. I would have needed knee replacements and I had other associated pain, but since losing 7.5 stones my knees are fine and I’m so much more active. The team have been really helpful and supportive. Highly recommend.” – Mandy Dance

Slimming World

Slimming WorldSlimming World is a reputable community that shares common goals and that is to spread awareness in relation to fitness and health and encourage all individuals to start living a healthy lifestyle to achieve optimum wellness and wellbeing. Providing consultation to different group members, they try to understand the individual goals of their new members and help them establish the best fitness plan that will help them achieve greater results that will show positive improvement in their body.

You may check the different groups that they have and get the best assistance that you will need for your fitness journey. Offering a safe, secure and inclusive environment, you would certainly enjoy their professional help and assistance particularly in optimising your food intake in order to easily shed those extra pounds by focusing on the calories that your body need and avoiding any excess. Check their programme now and have a wonderful and inspiring journey that will make you fitter, healthier and more confident.


Group, Digital- Only Service


Address: Dorothy Parkes Centre, Church Rd, Smethwick B67 6EH
Phone: 793 544 7265


“Trust me I’m a bloke and slimming has never been on my agenda ever! however the wife is into it and dragged me along kicking and screaming so I turned up under duress and was surprised to see that blokes do go and with the encouragement of Mel the leader I’m now a convert its not about counting calories eating fad foods you know what I mean cabbage diet etc it’s about making the right food choices pretty much eating like our grandparents resulting in a much slimmer me, so hats off to Mel she has managed to do what no one else has by getting me to live a more healthy lifestyle Thanks Mel.” – Phil Wright

The 1:1 Diet

Source: PexelsThe 1:1 Diet offers a conducive and ingenious diet plan that is personalised to the different conditions, weights and body shapes of their clients. Understanding that weight loss can be a difficult process, they provide full support and guidance to help their clients and ensure that they would be able to achieve their target weight goals.

They believe that weight loss is about a balanced diet that will not leave you wanting and feeling deprived. Offering tasty dishes and a good selection of healthy and appetizing food that will aid you in losing all unwanted fats from your body, they guarantee a simple and stress-less dieting experience. Helpful and very personable with their approach, they ensure to apply diet plan that is cost-effective and very affordable for their clients.


Cambridge Weight loss Plan


Address: 126 Meadowsweet Ave, Birmingham B38 9QW
Phone: 796 742 4606


“Both Paul and Michelle are fantastic. Their knowledge and support go above and beyond. Always be there if you need help. Can’t recommend these two enough.” – Stuart Bain

LA Lipo

Source: PexelsLA Lipo specialises in fat freezing treatment techniques as their ultimate program in helping all patients with their weight loss journey. With this treatment, they will freeze all fat cells in your body to destroy them and expel them naturally. Safe, effective and without any pain or discomfort, they guarantee that you will enjoy the method that they are offering and will see the significant results that will guarantee your satisfaction.

A non-invasive procedure, you don’t have to worry about going under the knife just to get the body that you want. Highly flexible, they can do the treatment in any clinic that they have and even at the comfort of your own home. One of the best fat loss programs that you can get, reach out to them now and let them help you lose weight in an easy but effective and quick manner


HIFU Treatment


Address: 86 The Green, Birmingham B38 8RS
Phone: 121 400 0142


“I had Cryolipolysis LA Lipo and it was really good. Nice place in kings Norton and was quick too. My friend is having it done now as well.” – Purna Chandra Majhi

Wolverhampton Weight Loss Centre

Source: PexelsWolverhampton Weight Loss Centre is the weight loss service provided by Matthew and Kevin, weight loss consultants that have been providing efficient support for more than 10 years now. With their years of experience and acquired knowledge, they offer personalised solutions to all your weight loss problems and concerns. Applying Cambridge Diet to their program, they ensure to provide a thorough and seamless solution that is safe and highly effective.

Professional, patient and very dedicated, they provide thorough assistance that includes consultation to discuss your fitness goal and help you achieve it. Working hand in hand with all her clients, they work on achievable plans and attainable goals that will make you feel totally empowered. Contact them now to discuss the requirements that you have and be healthy and fit like what you have always wanted and dreamed of.


Daily Support, Medical Body Composition Analyser, Full support on Target, Maintenance & Aftercare


Address: 1 Carisbrooke Gardens, Wolverhampton WV10 8AD
Phone: 777 924 6207


“I have done many weights loss programs before but nothing like the 1-1 plan. I started my weight loss journey in January this year. So far I have lost 2 stones best thing I ever did! Both Kevin and Matt offer a professional service and I would highly recommend them, they are both fabulous consultants. So if you are thinking about losing weight go and see them and you won’t look back.” – Suzy Heard

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