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5 Best Chess Sets To Buy in the UK

Is your chess board falling to pieces? A high-quality chess set is the key to having a high-quality game. With the rise of Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit”, everybody wants to take a crack at the classic game. Make sure every piece of your set is pristine by having a well-made board to call your own. Here we will dive deep into the best of best online retailers to buy chess set products in the United Kingdom. These are chess sets you’ll definitely make your move on!

Here are the Best Chess Sets Ever:

1. Official Staunton™

Flaunt your chess game with a set provided by Staunton Chess Sets – Official Staunton™. They have pristine and high-quality chess sets and boards the UK has ever seen. They have an extensive selection of mini and portable chess sets, folding chess boards, and Staunton chess sets. You can also buy chess pieces if you are ever in need of a good replacement. You can get a queen that the Queen of England herself can give her stamp of approval as she owns her own set. Their products put the “Oof” in official!

2. Regency Chess 

If you’re in need of a classic chess set, the long-awaited search is over! With their vast range of different chess products and free shipping in the United Kingdom, you can’t go wrong. Regency Chess will definitely be your endgame set.

3. ChessMaze 


Here is a set that is simply “a-maze-ing”! Amaze all your mates with a set that is handcrafted to perfection. They have 20 years of selling chess pieces, so you know you’ll get the good stuff with this one.

4. The Chess Store 

You’ll definitely keep these boards close to your “chess-t”! If you’re looking for deluxe-level chess sets at a great value, then you should look at The Chess Store. Whether you’re a beginner up to champion level, you can appreciate their products.

5. Chess 4 Schools 

Chess 4 Schools 

These boards will ensure your young ones will never get “board” at home again. They have a variety of good practice boards to make sure you’ll become the next Beth Harmon in the future. You’ll for sure school your mates with these chess sets.

Here are the best online retailers for premium chess boards that you’ll be set for life with. You’ll definitely “checkmate” with these incredible sets.

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