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5 Best Drink Driving Lawyers in London

Below is a list of the top and leading Drink Driving Lawyers in London. To help you find the best Drink Driving Lawyers located near you in London, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

London’s Best Drink Driving Lawyers:

The top rated Drink Driving Lawyers in London are:

  • Motoring Defence Solicitors – boasting of 98% success rate
  • Blackfords LLP – have significant experience of dealing with all motoring offences both in terms of any arrest or police interview under caution and for appearances before the Magistrates’ Courts
  • London Drink Driving Solicitor – can tailor their services depending on your goals
  • Drink Drive Solicitors London | Olliers Motoring Law – represents clients all over England and Wales
  • Lewis Nedas Law LLP – well known for genuinely high acquittal rate and overall success rate

Motoring Defence Solicitors

Motoring Defence SolicitorsMotoring Defence Solicitors is a motoring defence law firm that specialises in drink and drug driving cases all across London. They extend their expert legal advice and professional assistance to all people accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. They listen patiently to understand the situation and conduct a thorough investigation to provide the best legal plan that will fit their client’s needs and circumstances. Reputed for their 98% overall success rate on all cases handled, they help you win your case, minimise your penalty and avoid disqualification of license.

They provide free quotation so that you will be apprised of the potential cost that your case may have. Their expert solicitors will also offer pragmatic solutions and will incorporate their wealth of knowledge and experience to secure the acquittal that you are seeking. Contact them now to get their reliable and efficient assistance and let them help secure your license and avoid further restriction and bad consequences upon conviction.


Drink Driving, Drug Driving, Offences Involving Death, Other Offences


Address: 4 Christopher St, London EC2A 2BS
Phone: 800 433 2880


“Recently called Neil for advice I must say he is very good and interpreting your circumstances and applying the law. He never came across as one of those money-grabber lawyers, Would definitely recommend his services!” – Eugene Asiamah

Blackfords LLP

Source: PexelsBlackfords LLP is a law firm that handles comprehensive legal concerns including motoring law. They handle all spectrum of drink driving and offer expert legal advice and assistance on all cases including drunk in charge and failing to provide a specimen. Well-versed with the legalities and process of drink driving as well as prescribed limits for both breath, urine and blood specimen, they will thoroughly analyse your circumstances and advise you of possible penalties and the best course of action to take.

They help persuade the court to offer you rehabilitation courses as needed and check possible grounds for requesting to not impose a disqualification. With expert, reliable and efficient solicitors under their helm, they help mitigate your situation, get an acquittal or minimise any severe penalties and fines that may be given to you. Whether you are guilty or not guilty of drink driving, they can certainly help you in advancing your case and getting the best and most proper resolution that is fitting your situation.


Causing Death By Dangerous Driving Or Careless Driving, Dangerous Driving, Drink Driving, Driving Whilst Under The Influence Of Drugs, Driving Whilst Using A Mobile Telephone, Driving Without Due Care & Attention, Driving Without Insurance, Failing To Stop After Or Report An Accident, Speeding Offences


Address: 15 Old Bailey, Farringdon, London EC4M 7EF
Phone: 203 427 3343


“Amazing service and brilliant minds working on your behalf, they make you feel like your in safe hands. Honest, moral and a thoroughly decent law firm, I cannot recommend them highly enough.” – Rachelle Jacobs

London Drink Driving Solicitor

London Drink Driving SolicitorLondon Drink Driving Solicitor is one of the finest law firms in London that is focused solely on defending all individuals accused of drink and drug driving incidents. With their years of experience in the industry, they are well-trained in handling the different offences as well as providing the best countermeasures and testing that needs to be conducted that will help you win any trial. Even if you are found guilty for excessive alcohol level while driving, they can help you in lowering down your penalty or getting a much shorter disqualification.

They will also study your case and determine any possible special reasons that may reduce your sentence and ask the court to just allow you to take drink driving awareness course and complete it within the period that they mandated. With their help and guidance, they can help you avoid disqualification or get full acquittal if possible. Contact them now for any enquiry that you may have and let them remove all worries off your mind and start working on the case that you have and all possible plan in saving your license from any disqualification or ban.


Drink Driving, Drug Driving, Other Services


Address: 2012 Law Limited Suite 131, 30 Red Lion Street Richmond upon Thames TW9 1RB
Phone: 208 242 4440


“I went to London Drink Driving Solicitor after somebody claimed I’d been drink driving when in fact I’d been at home and hadn’t left the house in my car. They were polite, professional and listened to my side of the story and took me seriously. I was found innocent thanks to Nick’s hard work on my case.” – Emma Ford

Drink Drive Solicitors London | Olliers Motoring Law

Drink Drive Solicitors London | Olliers Motoring LawDrink Drive Solicitors London | Olliers Motoring Law is one of the leading law firms in the UK that specialises in different motoring law offences. Headed by Ruth Peters, a specialist lawyer, they help represent clients all over England and Wales and help them study the full extent of their violation, probable sentence and work on the most applicable plan that will help them get the best results possible in favour of their clients. They understand that motoring law offences particularly drink driving can be very crucial and if dealt carelessly can lead to you losing your license and getting total disqualification from driving.

With this in mind, they are very critical on the steps that they will undertake. Their expert solicitors deal and communicate directly to all clients and help them furnished necessary documents and tests that will help them in advancing their case. They offer direct and pragmatic advice without any legal jargons so that their clients can easily understand all possible consequences of their actions and potential results. Determined and reliable, they will work on your case to achieve success and bring you peace of mind after the motoring ordeal that you have faced.


Drink Driving, Drug Driving, Motoring Offences, Speeding Offences, Other Services


Address: 42 Upper Berkeley St, Marylebone, London W1H 5PW
Phone: 808 168 0017


“Got great advice on my first phone call.” – Rachael Kilroy

Lewis Nedas Law LLP

Source: PexelsLewis Nedas Law LLP offers a 24/7 legal advice on the different aspects of the law including road traffic defence. With their acquired knowledge and expertise accumulated over years of practice, they can efficiently represent all clients in different courts in relation to drink driving offences. They will help defend your case and work on avoiding any possible disqualification to retain your license. They understand that driving license is very crucial to an individual’s life that is why they will work their best to avoid maximum penalties that may trigger its possible revocation.

Very hands-on with every case that they are handling, they personally meet with their clients to discuss all spectrum and element of their cases. They supply full instructions on legal plan and actions that they need to take as well as medical tests and reports that they need to secure to aid them with any litigation and mitigation proceedings. Diligent, reliable and efficient, they are very headstrong in countering the offences that are charged with you and work on securing the best possible outcome for your case.


Careless & Dangerous Driving, Death by Dangerous Driving, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs, Driving Whilst Disqualified, Loss of Driving Licence Due to Old Age or, Medical Condition, Speeding Offences, Tachograph Offences, Motoring Offences


Address: 24 Camden High St, London NW1 0JH
Phone: 208 003 8307


“The service delivered by Lewis Nedas Law was that of sheer excellence. No doubt we will definitely work with Lewis Nedas Law, especially Abigail in the future.” – Adeem Azhar

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