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5 Best Juice Bars in London

Below is a list of the top and leading Juice Bars in London. To help you find the best Juice Bars located near you in London, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Londons Best Juice Bars:

The top rated Juice Bars in London are:

  • Portobello Juice Cafe – offers delivery services via Deliveroo
  • Crussh Fit Food & Juice Bars – specialises in made-to-order fresh juices
  • Fresh and Organic Cafe – available via Deliveroo and Uber Eats
  • CPRESS Chelsea – free nationwide shipping on orders over £30
  • Oliver’s Juice Bar – can mix and match any fruits and vegetables to get the best juice that will suit you.

Portobello Juice Cafe

Portobello Juice CafePortobello Juice Cafe offers comprehensive food and drinks menu that is guaranteed to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst. They offer different fresh juices that will aid you in getting energized and to rid your body of any toxins, help burn the fats from your body, fight flu and provide you with ultimate wellness and wellbeing. Aside from juices, they also serve different smoothies that are highly refreshing.

Using the best fruits and vegetables that are sourced to perfection, they guarantee to deliver not only the wonderful taste but also the full nutrition that their ingredients have. Apart from their juices and smoothies, you can also get here full breakfast and a variety of choice for salad bowls, sandwiches and vegan dishes. They also have both vegan and non-vegan sweets to complete your meal and to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Visit their shop now for a delicious and healthy combination of food and juice or have your favourites delivered via Deliveroo to be enjoyed right at the comfort of your homes.


Food Menu, Drinks Menu


Address: 297 Portobello Rd, London W10 5TD
Phone: 208 960 6291


“We’ve ordered from them regularly through Deliveroo. We’ll pack, always hot and cooked exactly how we like it. The options they provide for things like “well-done eggs” and “use less oil” alone are worth a 6th star!” – Jenni Kate Wallace

Crussh Fit Food & Juice Bars

Crussh Fit Food & Juice BarsCrussh Fit Food & Juice Bars is one of the leading food retailers in London that supplies healthy food, juices and snacks to all their clients. Established in 1998, they have grown into 35 different stores all across the UK and is serving a wide range of gluten-free and dairy-free products like freshly pressed juices and blended upon requests smoothies. Putting a high priority on your health and wellness, their juices come in different options of vegan, low fat, low calorie, high protein, vegetarian and wheat-free that will suit and support the diet that you have.

They have different line-up for the probiotic booster, vitamin c, vitamin d and plant protein power booster that is guaranteed to improve your health and your body’s immunity. As for their smoothies, they are using low-fat yoghurt and a mix of fruits and vegetable that will not only energize and revitalise you but also give you the ultimate refreshment that you are craving for. Drop by their restaurant now and order the best juice and snack that will satisfy your food cravings minus the guilty feeling that normal unhealthy snacking brings.


Our Food, Deliveries


Address: 48 Cornhill, Langbourn, London EC3V 3PD
Phone: 207 626 2175


“Crussh has stood out for me as a go-to lunchtime place having sampled the multitude of cuisines and lunchtime outlets in the area. The focus on healthy typically means a reimagining of portion size etc whereas crussh delivers a generous portion which will fill your appetite and remains true to its healthy etiquette. The cold-pressed juices on offer are sublime in the same vein and though pricey, the overall quality makes the lunchtime one of my favourites.” – Peter Turner

Fresh and Organic Cafe

Fresh and Organic CafeFresh and Organic Cafe offers a wealth of delicious and healthy food and drinks menu that you can order either for dine-in or for delivery via Deliveroo and Uber Eats. The perfect shop to go to for your healthy cravings, you can choose from the different juices that they have as well as the 100% blended fruit smoothies that they offer. They also sell different protein shakes as well as high powered juices that will aid you in detoxifying, burning bad fats and will act as superfoods that will boost your health and immunity and protect you from different diseases.

They also have a variety of breakfast smoothies on their menu that is complete with oat, milk, fruits and vegetable and is a good and filling way to start your mornings and days. All their juices and smoothies come in the option of either medium or large servings and are priced between £4.50 to £6 depending on the size and the ingredients. Best enjoy their juices or smoothies with different organic and gluten-free sandwiches, salads and hot food that they have. Open from Mondays to Fridays from 8 AM to 5:45 PM and on Saturdays from 9 AM to 5 PM, come visit their store now or order from the leading food ordering company and enjoy a sumptuous, satisfying and healthy meal of juice and different food that only they can offer.


Drinks, Food, Offer, Delivery


Address: 174 Drury Ln, Holborn, London WC2B 5QF
Phone: 207 404 5153


“Brilliant service with a great menu, just what we need in London; A FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE.” – Hugo Payton

CPRESS Chelsea

CPRESS ChelseaCPRESS Chelsea specialises in different bottled juices that cleanse your body and boost your health and wellbeing. Offering tasty and satisfying blends, they are boasting of using the freshest and highest quality of ingredients that are organic, ethically sourced and are guaranteed free from any chemicals and pesticides. Created using the finest bottling technique, they ensure to keep the different vitamins, enzymes and minerals that are drawn from these fine materials for the benefit and enjoyment of all their customers.

They offer different packages from discovery booster pack to ginger booster pack, turmeric gold booster pack and immunity booster pack all for £34.64. They also have 3 days, 5 days and 7 days cleanse packs with rate running between £115 to £259. You can also avail of their individual products that range between £2 to £8.50 per piece. Check their online site now and add to cart the different products that you like and start stocking on the best juice that is both refreshing and healthy and will promote optimum wellness and wellbeing.


Boosters Packs, Juice Cleanses


Address: 285 Fulham Rd, Chelsea, London SW10 9PZ
Phone: 207 352 7568


“Cpress is a really good place for takeaway juices/ coffee/ or healthy meals. Their breakfast bowls and toasts do look very tasty (not tried yet)! Their smoothies are very filling and the spirulina is a very special tasty snack, definitely worth a tryout!” – Fabienne Dobbe

Oliver’s Juice Bar

Oliver's Juice BarOliver’s Juice Bar offers a cup of freshly squeezed juices and freshly blended smoothies that will best fit the varied taste and preferences that you have. A go-to shop for your juice cravings, they are guaranteed to offer the finest tasting juices that are all natural and are made from different raw vegetables and fruits. Serving wonderful mixes that will boost your strength and energy and refresh your body, this is the perfect thirst quencher especially for a highly tiring and strenuous day that you are experiencing.

Come visit their stall and check the comprehensive juice and smoothies menu that they have and try one that catches your fancy and your taste. Highly affordable, you would certainly get the best savings for all their products and they guarantee maximum enjoyment beyond your expectation. Try all their juices now and check for yourself why they are reputed to offer the best tasting products that will keep you coming back for more.


Menu, Juices, Smoothies


Address: 41A Commercial St, Spitalfields, London E1 6BD
Phone: 795 641 1101


“I was looking for a juice bar around the area where I work, thought I’d give this a go and walked 8 minutes to which I feel was 20 but was all worth it—-So raw and fresh and natural, just perfect and means exactly what they put in their menu board. Oliver, you just made a fan here.” – Ymarie Desir

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