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5 Best Tattoo Shops in London

Below is a list of the top and leading Tattoo Shops in London. To help you find the best Tattoo Shops located near you in London, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

London’s Best Tattoo Shops:

The top rated Tattoo Shops in London are:

  • Through my Third Eye – a shop that houses a collection of established tattoo artists
  • Jolie Rouge Tattoo – requires a deposit upon booking an appointment
  • London Inkaholics Tattoo Shop – offers laser tattoo removal
  • Cloak and Dagger Tattoo Parlour – have a wide selection of tattoo designs that are ready to go
  • Flamin’ Eight Tattoo Studio – iconic London hot spot

Through my Third Eye

Through my Third Eye
Through my Third Eye. Source: Screenshot from www.throughmythirdeye.com

Through my Third Eye is an award-winning tattoo shop that houses a team of established tattoo artists that showcases various tattoo styles and designs. The shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 19:00 with all inquiries and appointment bookings directed at their receptionists.

All bookings are done online and they require a one on one or over the Skype consultation to discuss the tattoo that you would want to have. On the day that you will get inked, they would also discuss the designs that you want and make sure that you are comfortable with them before continuing with the actual inking.


Artists, The Studio, Guest Artists


Address: 342 Hornsey Rd, Finsbury Park, London N7 7HE
Phone: 20 3417 2552
Website: www.throughmythirdeye.com


“Absolutely amazing place. You really want to stay here and feel very welcomed. Guys are truly wonderful.” – Heorhii Kharvat

Jolie Rouge Tattoo

Jolie Rouge Tattoo
Jolie Rouge Tattoo. Source: Screenshot from www.jolierougetattoo.co.uk

Jolie Rouge Tattoo is a custom tattoo shop that was established in 2006. Open from Monday to Saturday from 11:30 AM to 7 PM, you can contact them either through phone, call or drop by their shop to schedule an appointment for yourself. You can request a consultation with one of their talented artists or you can show them the design of the tattoo that you would want to get.

Their rate starts at a minimum of £80 and they charge £100 per hour and their daily rate is for £500. They also provide a full aftercare instruction to ensure that you would know the things that you needed to do after getting your tattoo. They also offer a free retouch within the 6 months period that you received a service from their shop.


Home, Artists, News, Store, Info


Address: 364 Caledonian Rd, Islington, London N1 1DU
Phone: 20 7609 5111
Website: www.jolierougetattoo.co.uk


“Had a tattoo done here yesterday and I would definitely recommend coming to Jolie Rouge. Love my tattoo done by Manni. Really nice studio, clean and professional. The staff here are lovely and really friendly. Great atmosphere.” – Daisy Stone

London Inkaholics Tattoo Shop

London Inkaholics Tattoo Shop
London Inkaholics Tattoo Shop. Source: Screenshot from www.inkaholics.co.uk

London Inkaholics Tattoo Shop is one of the best tattoo shops in London. Dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of sanitation, they always follow the standards imposed by the Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme. They are also the first tattoo shop to gain a 4 out of 4 ratings from the local council for the sanitation standard that they are imposing and following.

Aside from their commitment to cleanliness and safety, they also provide the highest quality of tattoo designs and styles that you would definitely love to have on your body. They are open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 so feel free to contact them on the phone or drop by their shop for some consultation and quotation requests.


Artists and Gallery, Info and Tattoo Aftercare, Tattoo Bookings and Payments, Laser Tattoo Removal


Address: 8 Cavell St, Whitechapel, London E1 2HP
Phone: 20 3633 2879
Website: www.inkaholics.co.uk


“Stefan reworked a tattoo I had done elsewhere which looked in one part slightly rude, he has done a fantastic job, in fact, he ended up reworking all of my tattoos in the end which now looks amazing. Would definitely recommend it.” – Helen Orriss

Cloak and Dagger Tattoo Parlour

Cloak and Dagger Tattoo Parlour
Cloak and Dagger Tattoo Parlour. Source: Screenshot from www.cloakanddaggerlondon.co.uk

Cloak and Dagger Tattoo Parlour houses a team of London tattoo artisans that can make your dream design a reality. Offering different tattoo styles from traditional, Japanese, neo-traditional, black and grey, geometric and script. They also have a comprehensive set of designs that you can browse on their website or you can always request for a customized design that is personalized to suit your style and personality.

They are open from Monday to Saturday from 11 AM to 7 PM and you can contact them to set up an appointment or get a quote on the tattoo that you want to get. They also offer a free consultation either through e-mail or face to face with your choice of tattoo artists from the pool of experts that they have.


Artists, Styles, Designs


Address: 34 Cheshire St, London E2 6EH
Phone: 20 7175 0133
Website: www.cloakanddaggerlondon.co.uk


“Excellent service, friendly staff, amazing artists.” – James Thompson

Flamin’ Eight Tattoo Studio

Flamin' Eight Tattoo Studio
Flamin’ Eight Tattoo Studio. Source: Screenshot from www.flamineight.co.uk

Flamin’ Eight Tattoo Studio is an appointment based tattoo shop that specialises in Japanese, new school, realism and traditional tattoo style. Established in 1998, they offer customized and tailor-fit tattoos that will match the style and personality of their customers. Their rate is dependent on the piece that you like and they ensure that they will provide the best service at a very budget-friendly rate.

You can drop by their shop or send them an email for them to be able to book an appointment for you. They also require a deposit for all scheduled appointments. Enjoy now your tattoo session with them and get the best tattoo design that you fancy.


Gallery, Artists


Address: 2 Castle Rd, Kentish Town, London NW1 8PP
Phone: 20 7267 7888
Website: www.flamineight.co.uk


“Dale did a tattoo cover-up for me, covering some writing I had done on my foot years ago with a feather. I’d started to hate having my socks off as I so disliked the old tattoo, but I love Dale’s cover-up so much I’ve had so many compliments on it!” – Lizzie Hart

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